Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Megatrends such as digitalization and globalization also influence tax. Continuation as before is not sufficient – strategic realignments are often necessary. Make your tax function fit for change with us.

Frequent legal innovations, increasing requirements with regard to transparency and documentation: There is currently a need for action in many areas of tax. We are at your side, providing broad specialist expertise and the latest know-how. Whether tax law innovations, structural changes, the introduction of a tax compliance management system or digitalization issues, we help you to comply with your tax obligations using services that take account of your needs and can be booked online in just a few steps.

DAC6 assessment – Free initial consultation

Taking action in time.

  • One-hour web conference
  • Introduction to the greatest challenges of DAC6 (sixth amendment to the Directive on Administrative Cooperation)
  • Overview of the benefits of the KPMG DAC6 Processor

New regulation of property tax – obtaining clarity

The details of reform are clear. Take vital precautions. 

  • Half-day workshop in-house
  • Analysis of your current property tax situation
  • Implications of property tax reform

Export Control Readiness Check – Free initial consultation

Benefit from the free initial consultation and smooth the way to updating your processes under export control law

  • Free initial consultation by phone
  • Presentation of stricter requirements under export control law
  • General procedure of our Export Control Readiness Check

Tax law compliant Paperless Office Assessment – free initial consultation

Make the transition to a paperless office compliant with tax law a smooth one with a free initial consultation

  • Free initial consultation by phone
  • Presentation of tax requirements
  • General procedure of the assessment
  • Key features of a transition process

Secure tax-exempt research allowance

Find out about your need for action to obtain research allowance

  • One-hour workshop to present requirements pursuant to FZulG
  • Assessment of your research projects by our experts
  • Description of your need for action

Exit Readiness Assessment

Identifying required actions in terms of tax for planned M&A processes.

  • Workshop to identify relevant issues for a possible sale
  • Determining required actions
  • Developing possible solutions

Quick Check for Intercompany Financial Transactions

Putting internal financing to the test.

  • As-is analysis of transfer pricing methodology and documentation
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Focus on loans, cash pooling and guarantees

Real estate transfer tax check

Satisfy your real estate transfer tax obligations and avoid unnecessary charges in a legally compliant way.

  • Review of ownership structures and any changes
  • Identifying opportunities and risks related to real estate transfer tax
  • Recommended actions

Preparation of benchmark analyses

Using benchmark analyses to document that transfer prices are at arm's length.

  • Developing a search strategy
  • Systematically screening company data
  • Preparing a benchmark report

Employee retention programs under the “tax loupe”

Selected employee incentives in a tax context

  • Half-day workshop in-house
  • Analysis of the components or your employee retention program
  • Examination of current legal changes

Brexit Quick Check

Potential customs effects of a hard Brexit.

  • Preparation and analysis of your Intrastat data (or comparable data)
  • Hard Brexit cost simulation (customs duties/customs declaration costs)

Tax Compliance Management System – Quick Check

Enables a comprehensive overview of your current Tax CMS status according to IDW PS 980.

  • Quick Check workshop
  • Establish degree of tax maturity based on 23 key criteria (in compliance with IDW PS/980)
  • Benchmarking against relevant comparison groups
  • Display results in a management presentation

Production Site Check

Risk analysis for unwanted permanent production site establishment across the entire group structure.

  • Evaluation of sales, procurement and warehouse structures
  • Risk categorisation
  • Recommended actions
  • Reference to double taxation

FTA Health Check

Ensure group-wide compliance with CFC tax rules.

  • Documentation of compliance with FTA legal requirements
  • Release of liability due to establishment of corresponding analysis processes

German Tax Declaration for employees on international assignment

We take the pressure off your staff for compliance with tax obligations.

  • Preparing income tax declarations in compliance with international law
  • Processing requests from tax authorities
  • Reviewing tax assessment notices

International Business Traveler Compliance (IBTC)

Comprehensive approach for your international projects and employee mobility.

  • Initial location determination / Indication of IBTC on fixed price basis
  • Established basis for decision-making to define further procedure
  • Step-by-step approach with focus on transparency and costs

Income-tax audit of your profit and loss transfer agreement

An effective profit and loss transfer agreement is the basis for income tax consolidation.

  • Audit of the PLTA
  • Identification of risks
  • Recommended actions