Legal Advice (KPMG Law)

Legal Advice (KPMG Law)

Legal advice is provided by our cooperative partner KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (KPMG Law) based on a separate engagement letter (company information).

Changing customer needs, new strategic orientation, increasing requirements for companies raise various questions: What do my customers need and how can I make my products and services more innovative? Answering these questions takes up time and resources.

In order to ensure that you can afford the additional expense, KPMG Law would be happy to assist you with any legal questions you might have in regard to business operations.

KPMG Law has developed service packages for addressing your legal issues with technical solutions and specialised teams. This allows you to free up staff to focus on essentials.

Technology-based solutions and specialised teams are features of our Managed Legal Services. They form the basis of our service packages and solutions, supporting you with your work and enabling you to concentrate on your core competencies. Select the modules you require and create your individual solution.


Procurement Service 360

A state-of-the-art procurement service: at your service.

  • Preparation and announcement of procurement procedures
  • Conducting the procedure and communicating with bidders as part of the procedure
  • Support in the evaluation of tender offers, the decision-making process and documentation

Trademark protection 360

Nowadays, trademarks are more than company logos or product labels. They can provide you with the crucial competitive edge that needs to be protected.

  • Registering trademarks with the German Patent and Trademark Office DPMA, EUIPO, WIPO
  • Monitoring the relevant deadlines
  • Representing the client before trademark offices

The scope of work also includes immigration law consulting services. The current proposed legislation for a German Skilled Immigration Act (Fachkraefteeinwanderungsgesetz) underlines the social and economic importance of employing foreign nationals in Germany. Our services help you to find the correct and fastest path through this complex field of regulatory law – whether through general legal advice on immigration law regulations or assistance with the necessary application procedures for the employment of individual foreign nationals.


Residence titles for employees and family members – initial procedure

Support in obtaining immigration related permissions for international staff and their families.

  • Initial legal assessment
  • Support with application procedures
  • Monitoring deadlines

Immigration compliance health check

Assessment whether German immigration law requirements are fulfilled. 

  • Evaluation of individual matter
  • Assessment whether immigration obligations are fulfilled and conclusion

Immigration quick check

Examination of the immigration requirements for employing international professionals.

  • Evaluation of issues
  • Examination of proper work and residence permissions
  • Identification of challenges

Amendment of immigration related permissions

Support with amendment of limited immigration permissions.

  • Support with application procedures
  • Examination of legal issues
  • Monitoring deadlines

Right of permanent residence

Support with applying for a permanent residence permit, if possible.

  • Support with application procedures in Germany
  • Examination of legal issues
  • Instructions on the procedure

Acquisition of German citizenship

Assistance with obtaining German citizenship

  • Initial assessment
  • Assistance with application process
  • Examination of legal issues
  • Instructions on process steps

Electronical residence permit (so-called eAT)

Format change from sticker to electronical residence permit (in form of an eAT)

  • Evaluation of current format of the residence permit
  • Support regarding the format change
  • Examination on premature format change
  • Application for changes

Inhouse training: Skilled Immigration Act [Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz]

Learn all about the new law and the advantages to you from our expert Dr Sebastian Klaus.

  • Exclusive training
  • Outstanding expertise
  • Documents for your retention