Packages of tax and legal measures are currently being passed at the national and international level. What does this mean for your company?

We support you in this matter and in dealing with the financial consequences of Covid-19 along the entire value chain and your business processes. 

Determination of Crisis Effects for Benchmark Studies

How you can take crisis-related losses into account in your transfer pricing methodology.

  • Free initial information by telephone
  • Explanation of our approaches and tools
  • If you're interested: Agreement on the next steps

Mayday Accounting – immediate assistance for the accounting function

Rapid and efficient solution to capacity problems

  • Assumption of subtasks through to outsourcing entire processes to qualified accounting experts
  • Performance on your IT systems (remotely) prevents interface losses
  • This service is independent of the ERP system in use

KREO – Value Based Analytics for procurement and supply chain management

Create transparency, reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • Direct data extraction from ERP
  • Categorization of requirements
  • Identification of savings potentials