Stricter legal situation, extensive obligations, new strategic tasks: The demands on companies are increasing. Keep pace with the changes: We can help you with positioning in a future-oriented and compliant manner.

The latest specialist knowledge and targeted strategies are becoming success factors in the response to new expectations. Whether financial and payroll accounting, annual financial statements under commercial law or fully automated accounting, controlling and reporting processes, we can support you to optimize your processes and satisfy compliance requirements – directly and with cost transparency.

Tax Compliance Management System – Quick Check

Enables a comprehensive overview of your current Tax CMS status according to IDW PS 980.

  • Quick Check workshop
  • Establish degree of tax maturity based on 23 key criteria (in compliance with IDW PS/980)
  • Benchmarking against relevant comparison groups
  • Display results in a management presentation

KPMG DAC6 Processor - Trial Version

Analysis and management of reportable transactions under the DAC6 EU Directive

  • Fully functional trial environment
  • Fictitious master data for testing purposes
  • Most recent questionnaires based on the EU Directive
  • Great flexibility through adjustable workflow and stage concept

Managed Services | A1 certificate procedure

Your employees will always travel with a valid A1 certificate.

  • Gathering all the information relevant for the application
  • Filing the application with the responsible social security authority
  • Forwarding the A1 certificate to the traveller

Quick Check for Intercompany Financial Transactions

Putting internal financing to the test.

  • As-is analysis of transfer pricing methodology and documentation
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Focus on loans, cash pooling and guarantees

Real estate transfer tax check

Satisfy your real estate transfer tax obligations and avoid unnecessary charges in a legally compliant way.

  • Review of ownership structures and any changes
  • Identifying opportunities and risks related to real estate transfer tax
  • Recommended actions

IAS 12-Compliance-Quick-Check

Presenting income taxes correctly in IFRS financial statements is a complex matter. Our experts will show you where you stand. 

  • Review of correct entry of actual and deferred taxes
  • Completeness of disclosures in the notes
  • Identification of specific issues, e.g. loss history, estimated need for action (according to traffic light system)

Standard accounting for foundations

Efficient compliance with requirements of foundation supervisory authorities and the tax office.

  • Accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Income tax returns

Preparation of VAT and income tax returns

Meet all of your main tax return obligations at once and gain time for what really matters.

  • Preparation of income tax and VAT return
  • Kick-off call, including schedule coordination
  • Data request and plausibility check of data made available
  • Electronic submission to the tax office

Preparation of income tax returns

Efficient processes based on practice for use in practice. Our basic package includes:

  • Preparation of corporate income tax return
  • Preparation of trade income tax return
  • Kick-off Call, including schedule coordination
  • Data request and plausibility check of data made available
  • Electronic submission to the tax office

Preparation of VAT return

Extensive range of services for preparing your VAT and income tax returns. Our basic package includes:

  • Preparation of VAT and income tax returns
  • Plausibility check of data made available
  • Validation of the value-added tax return (VAT return) against financial statements
  • Electronic submission of the tax office

Taxometer – Electronic financial statement („E-Bilanz“) made easy

Efficient and process-oriented software for a sustainably successful E-Bilanz project.

  • Hierarchical mapping
  • Extensive input validation
  • Review and submission: simple and secure

VAT-Web | value added tax return at a glance

Meet all requirements for your value added tax return efficiently and easily with VAT Web.

  • Digital VAT declaration
  • Consolidation of VAT groups
  • Data import from ERP system

V.I.S. – The Value Added Tax Identification Number Information System

V.I.S. checks VAT ID numbers and corrects address errors.

  • Monitor VAT IDs
  • Validation of customer address and corresponding VAT ID
  • Quick address data update
  • Automatic request for a written official confirmation possible with V.I.S.

VAT registration in Germany

We provide VAT compliance support to foreign-based businesses that supply goods or services in Germany.

  • Identification of the competent tax authority
  • Preparation of the required information and documentation
  • Assistance with preparation of response to official requests
  • Application for a tax number and VAT identification number

Energy and Electricity Tax

We help you prepare tax relief applications and file your electricity and energy tax declarations.

  • Preparing tax relief applications in compliance with § 9a, § 9b and § 10 Electricity Tax Act and § 51, § 54 and § 55 of the Energy Tax Act
  • Transmitting documentation to the relevant authorities
  • Preparing of tax declarations according to the Electricity and Energy Tax Act
  • Tax assessment auditing

HR support for foreign assignments

We relieve the strain on your HR department by providing you with specialists.

  • Flexible support for temporary personnel requirements
  • Support for employees and affected specialist departments
  • Applications (incl. income tax)
  • Assignment meetings
  • Coordination with external service providers (e.g. review of incoming invoices)

Social Security Briefing

Individual advice on social security and family allowances in the context of international assignments.

  • Advice on:
  • Pension, unemployment and accident insurance
  • Health and long-term nursing care insurance
  • Child allowance

Application system for social security

Optimum insurance protection for employers and employees when on foreign assignments.

  • Highest possible security when complying with strict compliance regulations
  • Avoiding costs in claim events where there is insufficient insurance and lack of provision by the employer
  • Transparency regarding social security law-related issues

Application for Child Benefits

We prepare an international assessment for German child benefits and initiate the application process.

  • Individual eligibility check
  • Application filing with authorities
  • Assessment of ruling issued by authorities
  • Transmission of the official ruling

Application for the reimbursement of employee contributions to pension insurance

We verify the requirements for reimbursement and take care of the application process.

  • Data collection and verification
  • Verifying the eligibility criteria
  • Application for reimbursement from the pension insurance institute
  • Verify the initial assessment

IPO Readiness Check

Systematic determination of the capital market maturity from a 360-degree perspective.

  • The most extensive range of skills on the market
  • Team with transaction experience and comprehensive expertise in all relevant topics
  • Direct access to approx. 250 institutional investors worldwide

Financial Accounting Services

You can count on us for all your contemporary accounting needs.

  • Transaction allocation and booking
  • Compliance with German accounting standards (GoB/GoBD)
  • Preliminary VAT declarations

Annual Financial Statements

We take care of all commercial annual statement-relevant preparation tasks.

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Note to financial statements